Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media Marketing (Application Development)

As we all know, in the past few decades, social media has actually grown to become a great medium where people socialise to one of the most powerful avenues for promotion of their businesses. Social media has successfully taken over our lives with the help of modern technology. Every single person has a smart device with them all the time. Social media takes advantage of these devices, and with the help of the internet, social media connect billions of people from all around the world. We are alive to look at this magnificent transition to the modern age. Just think about it, hundreds of years ago, if a person wanted to convey a message to another person on the other side of the country, for instance, he had to send it with another person who takes weeks or even months to get there. Because of modern technology, launch messages can be passed on in the matter of milliseconds.


We are always updated continuously with whatever is happening around the world, and now, because of the coronavirus pandemic, even more so. Let us talk about some pros and cons of social media marketing.  Check out these SEO videos by Sirlinksalot to figure out exactly how you maybe able to benefit at this time.

It happens to be a time-consuming process. One of the biggest cons of social media marketing for application development companies is that it takes a lot of time and effort on the part of large teams to get it done. It also requires a lot of effort and research which would, in turn, consume a lot of time. Social media also requires some responses from the audience, which counts as feedback. All of this takes a lot of time indeed.

You will be running the risk of negative publicity. Social media marketing happens to be an incredibly powerful tool for promotion, because of the fact that you are able to reach millions of people we just ahead of a button, not even a real button, a virtual button. Because of social media, so many people can get to know about your product. You can reach millions of individuals. But, there is a chance of risking negative publicity. Some people could slander your business with negative comments, even though they have no idea what your company is doing. With proper management, you can actually ignore such negative publicity and go viral about your business.


Social media marketing costs are incredibly low when compared to other kinds of marketing. This happens to be one of the best advantages. You can advertise your product at a very low cost and still reach a vast population of individuals. You will be targeting a big audience in a very fast and secure manner, isn’t that what we want at the end of the day?

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