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Linux Security for Beginners – Configuring Linux Services and Runlevels

Whilst the Firewall can be configured to block the ports used by the the various Linux services, if they are not required it is also good policy the disable any unused services on the Linux system. N

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Introduction to TCP/IP

What is TCP/IP?

TCP/IP is the communication protocol for communication between computers on the Internet.

TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol.

TCP/IP defines

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TCP/IP Addressing

IP Addresses

Each computer must have an IP address before it can connect to the Internet.

Each IP packet must have an address before it can be sent to another computer.

This is an IP address

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TCP/IP Protocols

A Family of Protocols

TCP/IP is a large collection of different communication protocols based upon the two original protocols TCP and IP.

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TCP/IP Email

Your Email Program Does

Your email program uses different TCP/IP protocols:

* It sends your emails using SMTP

* It can download your emails from an email server using POP

* It can

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