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Keyboard shortcuts for Word

You can dramatically enhance your efficiency in working with Word by using the shortcut keys to accomplish different tasks.

From the human factors point of view, the shortcuts eliminate the procedur

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How to use the Mail Merge feature of Microsoft Word 2007

Mail Merge is an automated feature of MS Word that enables you to merge a data source( a file that stores fields and records of information, like first name, last name, etc…) into a copy of a docum

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Simple Microsoft Word 2003 Reference Tutorial

In this tutorial we are planning to provide complete Microsoft word 2003 which includes file management,Set AutoRecover and Automatic File

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How to open .ODT files in Microsoft Word 2007/2003

Open Document Format (ODF) is an open standard file format and others use. File extensions include .odt (text), .ods (spreadsheet), and .odp (presentation). By default, Microsoft Offic

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