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Connect a form to a database

Use Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 to design a form that’s connected to a Microsoft Office Access 2003 database. Give form users the ability to add records to the database by typing them into the fo

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Design a form based on an XML schema

An XML schema gives data a structure that can be used by various groups to collect and store information consistently, and to share data easily and reliably. You can create an InfoPath form based on

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So that’s how: Great InfoPath features for customizing controls

Discover four frequently used techniques for customizing controls in InfoPath. Learn about and work with views, conditional formatting, rules, functions, and other useful form-design features. Don’t

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Organize your clip art and other media

Microsoft Clip Organizer is a Microsoft Office tool that arranges and catalogs clip art and other media files stored on your hard disk. Learn how to make Clip Organizer work for you and to quickly fi

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