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Using the Vlookup Function in Excel – Easy Tutorial Videos

When you have a table with data, and you wish to retrieve specific information from it.

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Using Conditional Formatting in Excel – video tutorials

Conditional formatting enables you to highlight cells with a curtain color, depending on the cell’s value.

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Using the Countif function in Excel – video tutorial

Using the Countif function in Excel

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How to count number of blank cells in MS-Excel 2007

Launch Excel and type numbers as shown in the image below. Click on the Sum button on the ribbon and choose More Functions.

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Using Pivot Tables in Excel 2007 – video tutorial

The ‘Pivot table’ might be the most powerful and efficient feature of Microsoft Excel 2007.

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Filter data in Microsoft Excel

Whenever you have a big table, from which you want to show only certain rows that fulfill some criteria.

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Using Excel Formulas – video tutorials

A formula is a way for you to make calculations based upon data written in the spreadsheet.

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Using the If Statement in Excel – video tutorials

Whenever you want to present some text according to a criteria: if the criteria is met then present this text, if the criteria isn’t met present that text.

Or if you want to calculate somethin

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