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Freelance Fever: How To Spot (And Use) The Fire That’s Been Lit Under You

That same fire the burns inside your soul can be utilized in a controlled way to further your freelance career – or it can cause you to burn out if you’re not careful.

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Maintaining a zero message email box | Vunky

Don’t you just hate it when important emails tend to slip out of sight in your email box and you just forget all about them?

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Why You Need to be Using Gravatars

In this post, we are going to look at the importance of having your own Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar), in order to help solidify your online identity. Also includes tips on how to choose the

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The Clients Guide to Logo Design

Every client needing a logo should read this article first to understand what a logo is and how it is made to save the designer a lot of time.

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Where To Buy Premium WordPress Themes?.Top Providers Of The Theme Market | DB

Remember those times when you start blogging using wordpress.We all first look around for free themes and maybe we tried and changed our themes dozens of times.

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Logo Assassination: Figure Logos Need to Die

Many local government agencies, churches, pharmaceutical companies and sporting events love to use symbolic lines with circle heads or some other terrible representation of a person in their logos.

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27 Cannes Lions Winners to Inspire Your Outdoor Advertising Campaign

The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is a prestigious conference for communications professionals. It is held every June in Cannes, France, where 250 jury members judge over 20,000…

Post Pic Forum Software Gets a Brand new Design / JRB

I am a huge fan of vBulletin forums – their software is intuitive and it’s fun to join new forums and become a part of the community. I recently visited their home page today to check out some of the

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11 Creative Outdoor Advertisement Designs

Getting noticed in a busy street or crowded hallway isn’t easy, but the reward of reaching millions of consumers has possessed marketers to come up with some amazing outdoor advertisements.

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Blogging and Design Tips from Pro Blog Design Creator Michael Martin

Pro Blog Design is a fantastic Wordpress blog focusing on just that – how to build a pretty blog. I got an interview with the creator and main writer on Pro Blog Design Michael Martin, and he discuss

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