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Web Design Predictions for 2011 | Webdesigner Depot

We asked some of the leading Web Designers and Web Design Writers in the field for their predictions in Web Design for 2011.

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MightyDeals – Daily Deals for Creative Professionals

For the past 2,000 years, a group of talented designers have been creating the ultimate toolkit for designers . Well, it was more like 6 months, but hey even then, the results are super impressive. H

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Get a $50 Voucher for Inkd.com only $10 – save 80% – MightyDeals

Ever wish you had a magic wand that would allow you to turn $1 into $5… what about $10 into $50? Inkd is granting your wish and doing exactly that by giving you a $50 voucher for only $10 with this

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Digging Into WordPress eBook only $17, save 38% – MightyDeals

There’s a heck of a lot of stuff to learn about WordPress. To be exact, there may even be about 450 pages worth. Well, guess what? You’re in luck, because that’s exactly as many as Digging Into Wo

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50% off Premium Feedback at ConceptFeedback.com – MightyDeals

Here comes ConceptFeedback.com to the rescue! They help you prevent a design catastrophe by providing website design, usability and strategy feedback from a community of nearly 10,000 experienced mem

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10 WordPress Themes for $20 Save 60% – MightyDeals

For a limited time only you can get 10 minimalist premium WordPress themes for only $20! That’s a savings of 29 bucks. You can’t tell us that’s not awesome. At the equivalent of just $2 per theme,

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ProductShotPro for just $29Instead of $199! – MightyDeals

ProductShotPro for Adobe Photoshop® is a beast of a tool that effortlessly converts your 2D designs into tangible, 3D-style product shots in seconds. With this tool you can create software boxes, CD/

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1 Year Membership for WeGraphicsover 2,500 resources for $29 – MightyDeals

Search Google for hi rez textures and the results really suck. Sometimes you just want a library of resources that doesn’t require slogging through a mountain of unintended search results. Except, l

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Get the Awesome Pictos Fontonly $19, save 61% – MightyDeals

Say goodbye to images, say hello to small file sizes and infinite scalability. The Pictos font is made up of 94 hand selected icons from the Pictos icon sets.

Pictos is an excellent tool for those w

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Tech Gifts for a Very Happy Holiday Season | Techi.com

Soon we will all be starting holiday shopping, unless some of you out there are disgustingly organized. We’ve compiled a list for tech lovers and tech muggles alike to help you find the best technol

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