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HTML5: The New Placeholder Property for Better Form Instructions

A coder’s job function is to make a website work properly with the least amount of code as possible. Succinct coding creates efficient, fast websites that are easier to debug if errors occur. Although the World Wide Web Consortium, W3C, lists HTML version 5 in “working draft” status, browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and other search engines, already support the new HTML5 tag snippets.

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Free Download Social Media Icons for Your Blog

FolderIcons is free, a folder style social media icon set. This package contain icons for cypherbox, blinklist, blogger, delicious, digg, facebook, mixx, reddit, rss, stumbleupon, technoratti, twitter, wordpress and youtube.

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ShareThisPost WordPress bookmarking plugin

The ShareThisPost Wordpress plugin another tool to provide your readers to share your post to many bookmarking sites like digg, twitter, delicious, technorati, stumbleupon, reddit and cypherbox. Just simply activate the plugin and it will automatically adds the bookmarking options below your post.

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Creating a Header in Grungy Style

In this tutorial, it is going to explore you how to create a header in grungy style. Sometimes, it is nice to present your site in this grungy way. T

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Create an Explosive Cover with Super Techniques

In this tutorial, it is going to show you how to make a creative illustration in a style meant for a video game cover or sci-fi book cover. With some

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